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Ex-licensee turned consultant

In 2007 I joined the family business on the Welsh border – a 12-bed country Inn with gardens, restaurant and bar.

2007 is also when Facebook Pages became widely available, so I signed the business up and started using them.

2007 is also when Twitter became publically available and Kilverts was one of the first pubs in the UK to use it.

Over the next few years, I used these new platforms alongside the more traditional website, blog and email marketing to grow all aspects of the business.

We were featured in most of the broadsheets including this review in the Telegraph as a result of using social media to promote and engage with an audience of interested customers.

Most importantly, utilising these tools and staying up-to-date with them meant the business continually grew (likes and re-tweets don’t pay the bills – customers do!)

I never realised how important this blend of hospitality trade and social media would have on my life…

From working in the trade to working with it

Fast forward to 2014 and I was asked to join the team at a company dedicated to getting pubs online with websites.

Over the following 3 years I spoke at industry events, breweries and pub companies such as Pub17, EI group, Punch Taverns, Admiral Taverns, Greene King and Marstons. 

I also helped develop and became the principal trainer for an industry-leading training program, covering the basics of social media.

Starting EDW

After 3 years I was ready to set up E Davies Work and go it alone!

Working with local pubs, guest houses and restaurants in North Yorkshire I quickly built a reputation for websites, social media training and consulting that actually brought in customers. 

This meant by November I was able to move to Spain for 6 months with the family – a lifetime ambition was being realised: being able to build websites from anywhere in the world, coupled with being a short flight back for training days!

Year 2: Raising The Bar is born!

June 2018 sees the business turn 1 and evolve.

Raising The Bar is being launched as a dedicated training brand for the UK hospitality trade.

To launch it I’ll be running some special one-day training events over June, July and August whilst we’re back in the UK for summer…

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